Sunday, January 13, 2013


I recently joined a challenge suggested by one of my on-line classmates, Ann Kristen Krier, to pick one word to summarize my intentions for the year.  This word would be used to remind me of things that I need to resolve or work on in my life.  It is like making a News Years Resolution but only expressing it in one little word.  We were to paint our word using the techniques that we learned in Joanne Sharpe's "Letter Love 101" class.

My one little word to focus on for the year 2013 is "BE."  I can't take complete credit for this as I originally had another word picked but when Joanne Sharpe posted her word for the challenge, "BE" hit me right between the EYES!!!  This word says everything that I wanted to say...Be tolerant, Be generous, Be grateful, Be happy, Be kind...I could go on and on!  Plus, this is a word that can change meaning throughout the year when I need to add or subtract things that I need to "BE."

I used Tombow and Alcohol markers to paint my word onto Strathmore 300 series, 140 lb watercolor paper.  This paper takes the Tombow markers and water beautifully!!  I then glued this to a canvas painted with Luminart Silks paint.

There you one little word for hang on the wall of my studio and to remind me to be more centered throughout the year 2013!!

Won't you join me and paint YOUR one little word as a reminder to resolve what matters most to you?

Until next time!

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