Wednesday, January 25, 2017


OK everyone, I am going out on a limb and posting something that I saw at the Women's March Saturday.  I am not posting it for its political content but instead I am posting it for its artistic value.  So, if you are inclined to leave a comment that is political in nature, I may find it necessary to delete it.  Please respect that we all live on the same planet and need to embrace our differences...just as we embrace our differences in our preference for art.

These two ladies were painted to look like the posters by Shepard Fairey.  Head to toe body painting!  Aren't they incredible?  I wish that I had written down the name of the artists/art group as I would have given them the credit that they deserve.

Here are the two posters by Shepard Fairey that inspired the body painting. 

(Please note, if you wish to know more about Shepard Fairey and his posters there are several sites on the Web where you can find information.  I have not linked them here because it is not my intent to make this a political statement.)

Until next time...