Sunday, December 27, 2015


Ok...I said that I would post pictures of my kitchen remodel so here goes…

This is my kitchen before the remodel.  It had pickled oak cabinets, tropical brown granite countertops,  dated wallpaper, a soffit and built-in bench seat.  It really wasn't too bad but when I started to think about all the things that didn't work…I decided that it needed a total gut job!  Things such could never find anything in the pantry, a drawer opened into the stove handle (why do builders do that?), and the corner cabinet was completely useless as it did not have a turn table and the door was only 12" wide.  I could no longer fit my aging body in there to extract things located towards the back.

So this was the plan…get rid of the soffit, bench seat and pantry.  Put in new 42" cabinets that reach to the ceiling in a darker, richer color with a lighter countertop and wood floor.  Add new stainless steel appliances, extend the countertop and add lots of lighting for ambiance and doing tasks.

Now that it is done, I live in my kitchen!  It is soooo functional.  The new appliances are awesome and the big peninsula is perfect for working on large art projects.  I gained a lot of space by getting rid of the pantry, moving the stove a foot, extending the counters and cabinets into the breakfast room and utilizing a counter depth refrigerator.  Although, I lost the pantry…I don't miss it one bit as the huge drawers make it much easier to see everything stored.  Hopefully this will cut down on wasted food that was always getting lost or hidden in the old pantry.

All the finishes came together perfectly.  I found the perfect fabric from Joann's for the valance over the sink, the stone and glass tile backsplash mirrors the lines of the shutters and match the granite and the teal accent wall with the chalkboard doors add a bit of contrast and whimsey.

Are you ready to see the final result?  Here it is…ta-dah!

Well…I hope that you enjoyed the tour and until next time….