Wednesday, October 17, 2012


This is the first Gelli monoprint that I made.  At first I thought that
I used way too much paint and mark making on it but after I added the
lettering, I really like it! 

The lettering was really a bear to add as none of my pens worked 
over the acrylic paint.  Even my white paint pen didn't want to work so I
ended up using a fine paint brush and Speedball Acrylic Ink.  Ughhhh!
There has got to be a better way.  I heard that the Posca pens work really
well.  I will have to look into that!

The flower mask is a Sizzix die.

I really have one of these bushes in a pot in my yard and everyone who sees
 it when it is in bloom can't believe that it is one plant.  It will have all
three color flowers on it at the SAME TIME!  It really is beautiful!

Can you see the resemblance between my Gelli print and the real plant?
Uncanny isn't it!  lol!


What is a mask pray tell?
Well....a mask is a cover that is usually made of paper or plastic 
which is used to protect the surface beneath it from ink or paint that is
 either sprayed or brushed over the mask.  When the mask is removed it 
reveals an area untouched by the medium....creating 
an image in the negative space.

Before I started playing with the Gelli Printing plate, I knew 
that I was going to use...excuse me.....NEEDED many masks 
for the process.  I invisioned flowers, donuts, hearts, stars, birds, 
people, mermaids...the list goes on.  To do this I first turned to all the 
dies that I have for my Cuttlebug machine.  I cut flowers, swirls, scrolls, 
butterflies, leaves and trees from mylar.  I made many cuts from each
 die and saved both the positive and negative image because.....
Each die cut was then placed into an envelope that was 
labeled with it's name and a traced image.

I drew other shapes such as hearts, stars, donuts, letters, and numbers 
by hand.  For the birds, people, and mermaids, I placed the mylar 
over magazine images and traced them using a sharpie pen.  I cut them 
out and also placed them into an envelope with their image.

I used mylar instead of paper to make the masks because the mylar is 
transparent, making it easy to see when tracing objects, and it doesn't 
warp or tear.  I never wash them, although, I could if I wanted to but it is 
not necessary.  Just don't do what I did and peel the mask off the paint and 
place it paint side down on a paper covered desk. 
 Then I had to peel the paper off the mask!!  
Not an easy task!!

It's a lot of fun making masks and using them with the Gelli Printing Plate.  
Try it!!  You're gonna love it!

Gelli monoprint using three bird masks.

Till next time!  Hugs!


Well....It's new I-Phone case.  I still don't have my 
phone but is has been shipped and hopefully will arrive 
within the next day or two.

While waiting for my phone to arrive, I decided to order a phone case 
from with a picture of my art work on it. 
 The case for my current phone 
has a floral design that I painted using acrylic paint and permanent 
markers.  I still plan to paint a new case but there are some works of art that 
would not be possible to replicate due to the type of medium or
 complexity of design.  So in choosing the art work to have printed, 
I chose something that I could not paint myself.

Now...a word about   They were very quick....less than a week 
for printing and shipping.  And...I was equally delighted in the quality of the 
case and the printing.  I could not find a thing wrong with it!!! 
However, there is a drawback to using Zazzle....their service agreement!  
If I read the agreement correctly, you sign over your rights for them to use 
your design in any way that they use with caution unless
letting them freely use your artwork is not a problem.  

Have a Great Day!!!
Ginny xoxo

Monday, October 15, 2012


This is another Gelli ghost print enhanced with a letter stencil,
 doodling around the donut image and journaling.  
I'll show you the before and after image so you can get an idea of 
how much...or I should say how little it is altered.



I really love the ghost prints because of all the texture 
and the way the white paper peeks through....  
but I haven't tried to alter the parent prints yet and who knows.
I may like them better after they're completed. 

That will be next!

Till next time!  Hugs!