Saturday, September 14, 2013


This is another "Baby Got Back To Back" journal that I learned how to make in Roben-Marie Smith's class with 21 Secrets, an on-line class.  In case you didn't see my previous post on the first journal that I made, this is a double-sided journal made from a gift bag with a raffia handle.

This project is named "Baby Got Back To Back" because the journal actually has pages on one side and then flips open to the other side where there is a second journal.  I love the versatility of these journals and have made two so far and given both away as gifts to artist friends.  The next one that I MINE!

Front journal - elastic to hold pens or pencils and Bristol paper pages

Back journal - pocket to hold erasers, stumps, etc. and watercolor paper pages.

Wouldn't these make nice travel journals?  Everything...pens, pencils, water brush, etc. can easily be carried with you everywhere you go.  It even has a handle to boot!!!!

Until next time!