Sunday, March 26, 2017


OK, are you beginning to see a pattern here?  Every page has a black horizontal line, collage and lots of paint spatters.  I do this for a reason.  The black line is my jump start to drawing on a blank page... the collage and paint spatters are added to provide continuity and visual interest.  If I don't know what to draw before I start a page, an idea will magically appear by the time I draw the black horizontal line and maybe a few colors and patterns.  My favorite saying is…put pen to paper and let the creative juices flow!  This is my way of letting my muse take control and sitting back to see what the page will reveal.

More pages in my "History collides with Art" Journal:

Oops!  The T-Shirts should say "She persisted" or "Nevertheless she persisted." Drat!!!  Maybe, I will insert the quotation marks before and after "She persisted" and be done with it.  I hate when that happens!

Just a note about how I drew the faces.  First, I always draw from a photo because it allows me, if needed, to use a grid system to help with the proportions.  Second, I lightly sketch the face in pencil on deli paper and keep working it until I feel happy with the likeness.  I consider this step a practice run and worry later about how I am going to transfer the faces to the journal page or canvas.  I will either cut and paste the pencil drawing onto the page or graphite the back of the drawing, trace and transfer to the page and then redraw in pencil or ink.

Why draw on deli paper in the first place you ask?  Because it is super easy to erase on deli paper using a kneaded eraser and the paper is so durable that it will allow erasing many times before it breaks down.  The watercolor paper in my journals will not allow this much abuse.  Sometimes, it takes many, many tries before I can get the likeness right.  Hopefully, I will get better with practice and won't need to depend on the eraser so much.

For this page, I decided that I didn't want to redraw the faces so I cut them out and glued the faces directly to the journal page.  This was done by coating both the back and front (in this sequence) of the drawing with Golden soft gel matte medium, letting it dry, and then gluing it to the page.  This method served my objective of sealing the pencil drawing and preventing the deli paper from wrinkling.

Thank you for stopping by.  I am now more than half way through the pages in this journal and I still have a lot more to journal about.  Will I run out of blank pages before things calm down with the Trump Administration or will this turmoil stop before I complete the last page?  Care to guess?

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Saturday, March 4, 2017


We are truly living in troubled times.  A time where the state of mankind and the future of Democracy is being questioned.  The Country is divided by those who believe that their life will be better off by undoing years of legislation brought about by past administrations and by those who believe that America, with all its faults, is already the best Country in the world and only needs tweaking.  I didn't realize how much the division of our Country was impacting my life until I found myself being an activist instead of spending time doing what I love most...making art.

With that said…I decided to start a new journal.  I bought an 8" x 5" "hand-book" watercolor journal a while back with the intention of using it for urban sketching but when I saw Deb Weiers' wonderful  illustrations that juxtapositions clean hardline graphics with grungy, I changed my mind.  You see…I was once a graphic illustrator early in my career and of late have wrestled with blurring hardline art with the energy created by scribbles, splashes and dribbles of paint.  If I had accidentally dripped paint on a graphic illustration…I would have immediately set out to remove it!

To begin my journal, I decided to set some rules for delivery: The pages were to be used in a landscape format and the painting to utilize both pages.  Also, the spread would have a bold horizontal line of some sort, have collaged material and decorative lettering.  The materials used would be Faber Castell India Ink Big brush pens, pencil, fine permanent ink black pen (Uniball Vision), Uni-ball Signo white pen and watercolor.  Just a note:  The Big Brush pens do not bleed through the paper as they are made with india ink and not alcohol ink.  I also learned that if you are quick, you can move the ink around with a wet brush.  This worked great when blending small areas like faces.

Now…at first I didn't intend this to be a journal of my political take on the events of the Trump Administration but my first page kind of set the tone when the word "PEACE" appeared and then I wrote "went underground."  What was my subconscious mind trying to tell me?  Maybe, that I should record/preserve the events as I interpret them and happen to see them unfold?  To record for future generations the events as they occur and where no history book will take the time to tell the tale?  Whatever the reason, I found it exhilarating to just run with it and see where it takes me.

Besides the art that you see on these pages, I am creating a separate page of text to explain the event portrayed on each page.  The page of text will then be inserted into a clear plastic envelope (came with the journal) that appears at the back of the journal.  The journal will be a time capsule of sorts that will hopefully be found by an interested person long after I have exited this earth.

Can you think of other ways to create a time capsule like this?  Maybe a time capsule of your child's life or a time capsule of the many places that you have visited or lived?  I hope that you are inspired by my journal just as I have been inspired by Deb Weiers wonderful works of art.  Why not give it a try and tell your story?

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


OK everyone, I am going out on a limb and posting something that I saw at the Women's March Saturday.  I am not posting it for its political content but instead I am posting it for its artistic value.  So, if you are inclined to leave a comment that is political in nature, I may find it necessary to delete it.  Please respect that we all live on the same planet and need to embrace our differences...just as we embrace our differences in our preference for art.

These two ladies were painted to look like the posters by Shepard Fairey.  Head to toe body painting!  Aren't they incredible?  I wish that I had written down the name of the artists/art group as I would have given them the credit that they deserve.

Here are the two posters by Shepard Fairey that inspired the body painting. 

(Please note, if you wish to know more about Shepard Fairey and his posters there are several sites on the Web where you can find information.  I have not linked them here because it is not my intent to make this a political statement.)

Until next time...