Tuesday, August 29, 2017


"Blue hair girl" was painted with acrylic paint pens (Molotow and Montana) and soft body acrylic paints.  I tried several techniques for applying the paints and really wasn't pleased with any of them so I kept layering and layering until I finally said...good enough!  Move on!  I may come back to this later.

The skin tone was the hardest to paint.  I tried to block the colors from dark to light, creating the medium tones by overlapping and it seemed to work until I lost the shape of the nose and had to start over.  What a learning experience!  With all other mediums I can see the pencil outline beneath the paints but with acrylic paint it is a different story;  I lost the shape of the nose, the right eye was too high and I had to paint it over....ugggh! There are many layers of paint on this beauty!


Painting faces with acrylic paints proved to be a real challenge and is something that I definitely need more practice in order to become comfortable.  Maybe it would be easier with soft body acrylic paints and a paint brush as opposed to the paint markers.

Until next time....


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