Monday, April 27, 2015


When I was in High School my favorite medium was pen and ink.  Back then, (those two words make me sound ancient don't they?) we used dip pens to draw…now, I use a felt tip or gel pen. I still occasionally use a dip pen when doing calligraphy or creating a grunge look but the new pens really save a lot of time by not having to constantly dip the pen in and out of the ink bottle.  Plus, you don't have to worry about ink mishaps when the tip runs out of ink or decides to drop a big glob of ink where you least want it.  

This particular drawing was done using a sepia tone 0.3 size Copic Multiliner SP pen. One of my favorites!  The pen, in my opinion, has many super qualities; it has a metal casing that feels wonderful in the hand, it is refillable with an inexpensive ink cartridge, and it comes in different point sizes.  This pen should last FOREVER!!!

Enough about the pen…how about the art work?  This is my continuing series of Totems.  This time, I decided to do pen and ink drawings on paper that I first distressed with Walnut Inks.  Did you know that Walnut Inks come in different colors?  They sure do!!!  For these, I used the usual brown tone Walnut Ink, Terra Cotta which is a reddish brown, Java...a blackish brown, Eucalyptus...a green tone and Cherry Blossom….you guessed it…a pinkish color.  I prepared both sides of the paper and plan to use them loosely and folded in a fabric journal with pockets.

Here is the completed Totem:

Now...time to get started on the back side of the paper.  Hmmmm…what will it be?  Maybe birds…or cats…how about African animals or frogs and lizards.  Soooo many ideas……

Until next time!