Wednesday, February 6, 2013


This is just too good not to share.  A friend of mine gave me a box of supplies to make Pysanky eggs.  You know, the Ukrainian eggs with intricate designs that are applied with melted wax and dyes.   I don't plan to make the dyed eggs but being a mixed media artist and one who loves to repurpose, I couldn't turn down this treasure.  I still don't know how I am going to use the dyes (I need to research this because the dyes are labeled toxic) but I'll soon figure it out.

Anyway to the point!  In the box was a gadget made from a cardboard box lid with nails sticking up from it which I gathered was made to sit the egg on to dry. What a wonderful idea!!!!  And....since I am currently in the process of painting paper mache eggs for my Easter Egg Tree, this couldn't have come at a better time. Quite honestly, I couldn't figure out to paint the entire egg in one sitting and I dreaded painting half the egg and waiting for it to dry in order to paint the other half.  I am a very impatient person about some things.

The gadget that I found in the box would only hold one egg so I decided that I would make one that could hold several eggs at one time.

This is how I made the egg holder:

I used a small 4" X 4" jewelry box and flat head nails.  I think roofing nails or upholstery tacks would be perfect but I couldn't locate either in my stash.  (Being the impatient person that I am, I couldn't wait until I made a trip to the hardware store.)

I used a pencil to make a grid to locate where I was going to position the nails. Then from the top of the lid, with the lid still on the box, I pushed the nails through to the inside of the box.  And there you have are done.  It's as simple as that!  Easy Peasy!!!

I know that I will use this box for drying items besides eggs and the nice thing about it is when not in use, the pointed side of the nails are inside the box where nobody can get hurt!!!

Until next time......

Sunday, February 3, 2013


I had some great play time with the Gelli Printing Plate and my Thursday Art Group.  I am always talking about it and thought that I would demonstrate it's use.  I think that the ladies were impressed...not by my skills but by the versatility of the process....and the gorgeous textures!!!

And....You have to love the unexpected surprises.  It never turns out as planned and I have to say... even the worst prints can be cut up and used in other art pieces.  So far, all of my prints have been used as journal pages.  I just add a little doodling and lettering and called it a day!!!

This is how I made these prints:

I used two colors for this print.  First I brayered yellow paint all over the plate, stamped with bubble wrap, used a texture comb and pulled a print.  Next, I brayered blue paint all over the plate, stamped with a tile stamp, circle stencil and bubble wrap; placed three mermaid masks on the plate and pulled a print. I planned to add a third color but decided that I would lose some of the delicate pattern so I quit while I was ahead!!

These are the tools that I used to make the mermaid print.  Notice that I don't wash my stencils or masks!  (grin)

For this next print, I used three colors.  The first color used was yellow and textured with a texture comb.  Next, a magenta color was brayered only in select areas and textured by using a stencil and bubble wrap.  For the last layer, I brayered blue paint all over the plate, textured it with a texture comb and then positioned the bird masks prior to pulling a print.

I love the texture of the birds especially the one on the right and think that I might make prints of birds to cut up and use as tags or ornaments.

This next print is a mess....and unfortunately, I have no idea how it was made.  lol! I started with the yellow background, then added the magenta...didn't like it and kept adding colors and layers.  I finally had to stop before it turned to mud!  This is one print that I will probably cut up and use in my art journal.

This print is a ghost print of the previous print.  A print was taken after I removed the bird masks. (This picked up the blue paint left over from the previous print.) Then I brayered yellow paint all over the plate, textured it with a tile stamp and pulled a print.  Next, I brayered green paint in select areas, used a leaf mask and pulled a print.  Lastly, magenta paint was used in select areas, textured with bubble wrap and pulled a print.  The nice surprise on this print is how the bubble wrap made little round star flowers. That's what I love about the Gelli Printing never know what you are going to get!!!

I hope that you enjoyed seeing these prints made from the Gelli Printing Plate and I hope that you are inspired to try some of your own.

If you have a Gelli Printing Plate and would like to share your experiences or tips, I would love to hear from you!

Until next time,


Running a little behind...I have so much to do and keep adding more to my plate. My goal for today is to catch up with my calendar journal by finishing the January journal entries so that I can move on to February.  I'm almost there!!!  At least I have the February page completed and ready for the journaling to be added.

This is how I made the February page:

I used Dylusions sprays for the background and date squares and Tombow markers for the basket of hearts and the background behind the heart basket.  I was pleasantly surprised how the yellow Tombow marker matched the yellow color of the Dylusions and how well they blended together.

The basket of flowers is a on a fold-out page.  When closed, you can see the quote that was part of the January page.  I planned the February page first so that the shape or cut-out would follow the shape of the hearts....then I made the quote page fit the shape.

The basket is made by using a Zentangle pattern.  It looks hard but is easy peasy. A little time consuming but easy just the same!  Here is how you do it:

Next up...MARCH!  Hmmmm....I'm thinking March flowers!  March is the month to plant flowers and vegetables in Florida.  Maybe I will fill the page with lots of flower doodles.

Until next time!