Saturday, May 25, 2013


While printing over magazine pages with my Gelli Printing Plate, I discovered that I can print using two colors at the same time, one dark and one light and achieve a layered look in one pull.   This is how I did it.

First, I brayered the dark color on the printing plate...nice and even and not too thick.  Next, I brayered the lightest paint (something with a lot white in it) on top of the dark color but this time, I didn't mix it up too much because I wanted the light color to sit on top of the dark color...not to mix too much with it.

Next, I used stencils to lift some of the lightest color off of the dark color.  I did this by rolling the stencil over the printing plate to make an impression.

Then I positioned the paper on the printing plate and pulled a print.  Drum roll...please!  Ta-Dah!  Two colors in one pull!

Because I printed on a magazine page....look at all the yummy color and texture!

Look what happens if the darker color is a transparent or semi-transparent color.

Is this giving you ideas???

Happy Printing!!!


I love to make my own printed paper to use in my mixed media art.  It is a way to control the color and pattern to make it uniquely my own.  Also, I feel that the pieces integrate into my art better than the commercially printed papers.  There is nothing wrong with using commercially printed paper and I have occasionally done so but for my art, I prefer the look of the painted papers.

Having said that, I set out to make some painted pages...with my Gelli Printing Plate and magazine pages.  The first thing that I did was to select the magazine pages that I would use for this process.  I selected pages that had interesting colors or patterns.  The subject matter didn't make a difference as it wouldn't be recognized once the paint layers were applied.

For this project, I used magazine pages from Oprah and National Geographic magazines, Liquitex soft bodied acrylic paint, Amsterdam and Master's Choice acrylic paints and various stencils.  I prefer the artists acrylic paints to the craft paints because they stay wet a little longer and some of the artist paints are transparent or semi-transparent giving you additional color and dimension when layering.

The process that I used was to apply one or two colors of acrylic paint, using a brayer, and then making an impression in the paint by rolling and lifting the stencil over the Gelli plate.  I then randomly applied the paint to the magazine page paying particular attention to the parts of the magazine print that I wanted to cover or leave exposed.

Here are just a few of the Gelli prints that I made from magazine pages.

Now, don't you feel like grabbing your Gelli Printing Plate, a few magazine pages, paint, brayer, a collection of stencils......and having some fun????

Until next time!