Saturday, September 2, 2017


Who could resist drawing this cute little boy with a fish in his mouth and a turtle hat?  Not me!  I took some creative license and changed it up a bit, giving him more hair, a full view of the turtle on top of his head and changed his garment to a T-shirt.  This fit the page better as my page is square where the subject picture is elongated.

Originally I was going to do a sepia toned ink drawing but that fish called out to me for some color...especially a metallic aqua color.  After that, the color started to flow...coloring his T-shirt, the turtle and tinting his face to make it less red.

I started with a Walnut-Ink background over the entire page.  Once dried, I drew in the shape with a pencil and then inked it with a waterproof Uni-ball Vision pen (available at your office supply store).  The fish was painted with Silk acrylic paint and the face, T-shirt and turtle were tinted using Derwent Graphitint water-soluble pencils.  The white on his face was painted using Liquitex Modeling Paste mixed with white acrylic paint and then applied using a scruffy old brush.

I like the way that everything pulled together and might do a whole series of paintings using this same technique.  What do you think?


There you have I approached painting "Turtle Boy."

Until next time...


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