Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Twelve pages into my journal and I discovered some pretty interesting things about drawing and painting faces.  Here are the top ten:

1.  I have a tendency to make the faces more round or fatter than the photo.
2.  I most often draw the right eye higher than the left eye.  I discovered this by viewing my drawing in the mirror.  Did you know that you can see your mistakes by doing this?
3.  I am at a total loss when it comes to painting with acrylic paint.  Tube paints or paint makes no difference.  Ugh!
4.  I overwork watercolors.  I wish I could be looser.
5.  I love the Molotow Masking pen.  I was surprised at the fine lines that it would make.  I will surely use this more often.
6.  I love Walnut Ink, sepia tone paintings, and plan to explore this media more.
7.  My second love is the Derwent Intense pencils.  They are so juicy and work wonderfully on the hot press watercolor paper.  I used cold press paper in the past but find the results on hot press paper to be much better!
8.  Chalk paint (Art Deco) works well as a highlight with Derwent Intense pencils.  I learned about using Chalk Paint from Kate Thompson in her Class "Fancy Lassies." She uses them with watercolors!
9.  Prismacolor Pencils are my favorite for drawing whimsical faces.
10. Painting from and studying photos allows you to train your eye to see all the little details...the shadows, highlights and proportions.  Also, the more that you practice...the better that you will become.  Draw...draw...draw.  I can't wait to see my progress at the completion of my journal.

Aborigine Boy was drawn by using an inexpensive PaperMate 0.5mm mechanical pencil that I purchased from Target.  I used a chamois to blend the background.

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