Wednesday, October 17, 2012


This is the first Gelli monoprint that I made.  At first I thought that
I used way too much paint and mark making on it but after I added the
lettering, I really like it! 

The lettering was really a bear to add as none of my pens worked 
over the acrylic paint.  Even my white paint pen didn't want to work so I
ended up using a fine paint brush and Speedball Acrylic Ink.  Ughhhh!
There has got to be a better way.  I heard that the Posca pens work really
well.  I will have to look into that!

The flower mask is a Sizzix die.

I really have one of these bushes in a pot in my yard and everyone who sees
 it when it is in bloom can't believe that it is one plant.  It will have all
three color flowers on it at the SAME TIME!  It really is beautiful!

Can you see the resemblance between my Gelli print and the real plant?
Uncanny isn't it!  lol!


  1. Beautiful!! Yes to POSCA pens (the water based ones), they write over ANYTHING!! I love mine and I'm even able to use them over water soluble wax crayons - nothing else wants to write over that!!


  2. Oh my - you and Joanna rock! Loving your work!

    Sandy S
    (fellow color love & mmmtour)

    here's something for you too...

    1. Thanks Sandy! I wish that I had more time to play with my Gelli plate but I am afraid that I signed up for too many classes. I want to learn it all!!!

  3. Hello.. Miss Ginny I love your post here.. What a lovely flowers...

    Tree Nursery

    1. Thanks Enmark! I know that you can appreciate the plant! It is really beautiful! Too bad it doesn't bloom all year. P.S. I didn't plan for the Gelli print to look like the plant. It just happened. lol