Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Well....It's new I-Phone case.  I still don't have my 
phone but is has been shipped and hopefully will arrive 
within the next day or two.

While waiting for my phone to arrive, I decided to order a phone case 
from with a picture of my art work on it. 
 The case for my current phone 
has a floral design that I painted using acrylic paint and permanent 
markers.  I still plan to paint a new case but there are some works of art that 
would not be possible to replicate due to the type of medium or
 complexity of design.  So in choosing the art work to have printed, 
I chose something that I could not paint myself.

Now...a word about   They were very quick....less than a week 
for printing and shipping.  And...I was equally delighted in the quality of the 
case and the printing.  I could not find a thing wrong with it!!! 
However, there is a drawback to using Zazzle....their service agreement!  
If I read the agreement correctly, you sign over your rights for them to use 
your design in any way that they use with caution unless
letting them freely use your artwork is not a problem.  

Have a Great Day!!!
Ginny xoxo


  1. I've had my artwork on Zazzle for over 3 years now and really love being there. The only way I know that they may have used my artwork without my knowing it was to feature it at the top of some of the categories. That was fine with me. :)

    I have ordered several items from them and am always very pleased with the printing and quality of whatever I have ordered. I get my business cards, greeting and note cards, got an iPod cover, mouse pads, several necklaces featuring my artwork, art prints and probably more that I'm forgetting. Each thing printed was very true to color.

    One can do quite well putting and selling their artwork on their items.

    Love your case! :)