Monday, August 5, 2013


Do you have art supplies that you rarely use because you tried them and didn't like the result?  Maybe you need to give them another try.  That's what I did with my Gelly Roll pens and now I love them!!!   I bought mine ages ago and never used them until now because...well, I just didn't know what to use them for.  The size of the pen width is just perfect for a smaller projects like ATC's!

My favorite sets of Gelly Rolls are the Moonlight, Souffl├ęs, and Metallics.  The Metallics are just that...beautiful metallic colors, the Souffles are beautiful light to medium matte colors and the Moonlight are bright, almost neon colors...all three sets write over black.  Yummy colors!!!!

I am finding that all the various kinds of pens: alcohol markers, watercolor Tombows, Gelly Rolls etc. all have a's just a matter of determining which inks work with which surfaces.  Which pens work on the slick surface of acrylic paint or on water reactive paints and pencils, which write on light or dark colors, slick or textured surfaces.  It's a lot to think about but something that is worth knowing.

For the following ATC cards, I used mostly the Moonlight Gelly Roll pens and a few Gelly Roll Souffles.  The White and black ink lines were made using a white Signo Uniball and black Copic multi-liner pen.  These pens are wonderful when writing over watercolored backgrounds and dark colors but don't get them wet or use a water based varnish...the ink will smear!!!  (The Copic multi-liner is permanent and will not smear when used with water reactive paint or ink.)

This is how I made the ACT's:

Find a patterned paper to use for the background and cut it to size: 2.5" X 3.5."  I used an inky scrap of watercolor paper left over from a journal that I made.

Find a picture for the focal piece from the internet or clip art book.

Cut out the image and glue it to the card.

Determine where to frame the image with the outline detail.  Mark first with a white line and then very carefully mark with a parallel black line.

Now, doodle using Gelly Roll pens...draw spirals, dots, outlines, flowers, etc.

Use your imagination to make an ordinary image "over the top."

Tip:  If the paper that you used for the background is too thin, consider backing it with a piece of cardstock or thicker paper and machine stitching around the edge.

That's the gist of it!  Easy Peasy!!!!

Hope you enjoyed my ATC's and tutorial!

Until next time,

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