Sunday, October 6, 2013


I just bought a new journal to work in and decided to dedicate it to Teesha Moore inspired collages.  It is a Strathmore 9" X 12" Mixed Media Visual Journal with 140 lb. vellum finish paper and is larger than any of my other journals.  It will be perfect for collaging!

I really had fun making these two journal pages and can't wait to make more!  The process of selecting the papers to use in the college really appeals to my creative design sensibilities.  A little known fact about me is that I have always had a desire to be an interior designer...I love to mix patterns, textures and colors. The second most fun thing that I like to do is drawing patterns and textures... making lots of tiny dots, drawing flourishes, shading with pencils and I can't forget the lettering....  I was a graphic artist once and could probably letter in my sleep!  I guess when you put all of this together you can see why Teesha's style of collage really appeals to me.  It is a mix of everything that I love to do!

I hope that you enjoy my latest creations!  I will walk you through the process in my next post and share many tips that I leaned from Teesha in her on-line class "Mermaid Circus."

Teesha has graciously given her permission to share her journaling techniques. She states that "it has always been my goal to get as many folks as I can on-board with journaling.  I think that we can make this world a better place if we are all creating everyday."  Don't you agree with Teesha?  I sure DO!

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