Wednesday, November 13, 2013


As I was working on this collage the song "I'm Henery The Eight I am" kept entering my head.  Remember the song of the 60's by Peter Noone of the The Hermits ?  Some of you may be too young.  Anyway, I really enjoyed working on this piece as I love the old painting's of the "Master's" (although, the artist of this portrait is unknown) and even more…I love to alter them!!!!

While working on this collage, I thought that it was appropriate to cover King Henry's face with a mask to represent the fraudulent depiction of the King in his portrait's.  If you don't know the history behind the King's portraits, it goes like this...the King's portrait artist, Hans Holbein In The Younger, painted the King as a young, tall, strong and imposing figure when in truth… he was aging and in his 40's, had short legs, his shoulders in the painting were heavily padded, and he was in poor health.  Not the powerful and mighty warrior that is shown in many of his portrait's.  It is said that the King liked this image so much that he encouraged other artist's to copy Hans Holbein's portrait of him.

I hope that you enjoy the altered Master's painting and give this a try!

Credits:  Blue damask is a die cut from a Cricut cartridge, the "Make Art" is from a collage sheet by Shelly Massey, and everything else is cut from various magazines.

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