Friday, February 7, 2014


I'm moving right along in my "Teesha Style" collage journal.  I'm working on several pages at a time.  First, I prep four pages, front and back, next….I do the collage work on all eight pages and lastly, I finish each page with paint, ink and pencil.  Working this way really seems to speed up the process as I can do all of the collage work in one sitting and utilize many of the magazine clippings that I planned for use and then decided otherwise….I find a use for them somewhere while they are still fresh in my mind.

Here is my latest journal page.   I really like the way that this page turned out.  I love the colors and the wormhole pattern used for her hair and tree roots.  Also, an unexpected feature is the way that the Prismacolor pencil bled through the white pen used to write the word "When"…. giving it an ombre look.  What a happy accident!

Completed journal page

Journal page before embellishing

Well, until next time!



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    1. Thank you Sandra! Blue and yellow is my favorite color combination. Oh heck! I love pink and orange, lime green and blue….lol!