Monday, May 26, 2014


I am currently working in a black & white journal that is patterned after two different journals that Teesha Moore showed us in the Artstronauts Club.  I made mine 6"x8" with 21 fold-out pages.  All of the collage and pen work will be in black, white and grey on grey paper.  I can't tell you how much fun is is to make these journals.  I have made five so far and I am sure that I will make more as they make lovely gifts.

I still need to make the closure for three of them.  I'm not sure if I will use ribbon like the one shown or do something different.  Hmmm…decisions, decisions!

Journals made with double-sided scrapbook paper.

Black, White & Grey Journal

Sneak peek at journal in progress.

Sneak peek at B&W journal in progress.

I know, I know….I started another journal without first finishing the one I was working on.  Actually, I do that often.  I become interested in new and different things before I am finished with the projects that I am currently working on.  I guess that keeps me from becoming bored…but not to worry...I'll return to the old projects and finish them up someday!  Then they will be new projects all over again.  Anyone else do this?  I know I am not come on…fess up!!!

Until next time!



  1. Sweeet! Love these journals!

  2. Lovin' what I'm seeing here. Your journals are gorgeous and the black and white one really intrigues me. I watch Teesha create hers and think how difficult it would be for me not to throw in bright colours. Love the effect, though. And, yes, I confess...I have been known to start something new before finishing a current project. Can't seem to resist the new idea. It's like it has to get out.

    1. Thank you Bonnie. Glad to know that I am not alone when it comes to finishing projects. I just might finish this one though and that is really saying something because I am also a color gal.