Friday, November 7, 2014


There is something magical about a group of very artistic ladies trying out a new product for the first time.  The triumphs, the failures and encouragement from each other pours electricity into the air.  It's like the combined excitement explodes!!!!

Today at Thrusday Art Group, we were introduced to Yupo and alcohol inks by one of our members who so generously provided the materials for our play.  If you are not familiar with Yupo, the best way that I can describe is a plastic like paper.  It can be used with watercolor, acrylic paints and inks and because it is plastic like….the paints just sit on the surface, move and flow into one another and provides beautiful saturated color and marbling.

For our play, we used Tim Holtz alcohol inks.  They are quick drying and come in gorgeous vibrant colors.  We dropped ink directly from the bottle, blew it with a straw, textured with Saran Wrap and stencils and dropped 91% alcohol onto the ink to create further movement, ….you name it…we tried it.  A fun day was had by all!!!!

Here are a few of that I made:

A little doodling was added with a white and black pen.

Drops added... one on top of the other.

We blew ink with a straw

This will probably become an underwater scene.

I am not sure what I will do with these or if I will ever try Yupo again.  It was fun to play with but until I added the doodling, I really didn't see how this would fit into my art.  Anyway…….

Until next time….



  1. I love trying out new supplies...some click and some don't. I have tried alcohol inks before (but not Yupo) and they just didn't click with me. It's probably a good thing that many supplies just don't do it for me, otherwise I'd be living in a cardboard box by now. lol

    1. I know what you mean about the alcohol inks. They didn't click with me either…that is until I tried them on Yupo.