Sunday, August 2, 2015


If you need that extra push to finish your art pieces and in my case to also clean my house…invite several of your creative friends over to make art!  Encourage them to bring whatever they would like to work on and enjoy an afternoon of coffee, tea, good conversation and creativeness!

We started our group, "Thursday Art Friends," about 2 1/2 years ago when one of my yoga buddies mentioned that she used to make cards with her sister and really misses it.  Another one of my friends mentioned that she would like to learn how to collage like I do. a group was born!  Now we are eight strong, meet weekly and work on whatever our creative spirits move us to work on and there are no rules.  Some of us paint, some do collage, one beads and another knits.  We also started our own FaceBook Group to keep in touch with each other, to share our work and ideas or anything that we think might be of interest to the other members.

I think the other members would agree that this group has bonded eight wonderfully creative spirited ladies who value the presence of each other in their lives…hence, we often call the group "Art Therapy."  Sometimes we work on art and sometimes we just come to spill angst or to just listen.  Whatever, we chose to do…it fills our soul!

In case that wasn't enough…I started another group that meets every Sunday. This group is made up of three of my friends who wanted to learn how to make collage. They are all beginners to most art forms and the tools involved…a real challenge to teach but they are making amazing journal pages despite my lack of teaching skills.  I am sooooo proud of them!

Hopefully, the time spent with these two groups will result in more finished collages.  Here is a finished collage that I hesitated to post because I was debating on whether it needed a quote added.  After studying it for days, I decided that it would take away or cover up the striped background pattern which I feel is integral to the color pallet of the overall picture.  I may change my mind later. Who knows?

Are you thinking of starting an "Art Group" yet?  Until next time….