Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Does this ever happen to you?  
You start a collage and don't finish it because you know something is not right.  
You wait for inspiration to come but it never does.  
Then finally inspiration strikes…only to take you in a completely 
different direction! 

I started the page below over a year ago and didn't complete it because the 
colors and composition just didn't "speak to me."  
I love bright's no wonder that the neutral tones just seemed blah!  
Also, I felt that the composition was boring because the oriental people 
are too much the same size…it needs a large focal point to add interest.  
Soooo…it demanded a "do over."

Soooo...out come the bits and pieces of collage material and before I know it…
I have completely transformed the boring collage!

Finished collage with added pen work.
transformed collage prior to pen work

That's all for now folks!  Thanks for joining me and until next time…


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