Sunday, September 9, 2012


This girl was painted on watercolor paper using Tombow Markers with a wash of water, Koi watercolor, Prismacolor pencils and Pan Pastels.  I like the combination of the smooth blending that the Prismacolor gives with the painterly look of the Tombow Markers and koi watercolor.  I also like that it does not have the hard edge of a black ink pen.  This is a new technique that I learned from a very talented classmate, Linda Moore, from the Joanne Sharpe, Color Love 101 class.  Linda made a great youtube video demonstrating the process.   Here is the link:  I know you will love it!

Notice the homemade faux washi tape?  I have gobs of it and try to use it whenever I can.   The text blocks are tape made from using old receipts.   

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