Thursday, September 20, 2012


I always wanted to use this Erma Bombeck quote on a journal page.  Because I love to paint and draw it has so much meaning to me.

When I stand before God at the end of my life,
I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left,
 and I could say "I used everything that you gave me."

Wouldn't it be wonderful if in the course of a lifetime you were able to learn all there is to know about all art forms and to experience the use of all the many art mediums that exist in the world today? (I hate to admit it but I have a good start on that one.  That is.... owning many art mediums. Tee Hee...much to my chagrin!)  I would love to be able to stand at the pearly gates before God and say,  "I have no talent left...I used everything that you gave me."  I have lived my life to the fullest and squeezed every ounce of creatives juices from my body and soul.  I am so blessed that God entrusted me with the ability to create my art.  It is what makes my spirit sing.... it is who I am!

I painted these two journal pages in my altered book journal using acrylic paint.  I used several  techniques that I learned from Joann Luftus, a classmate in Joanne Sharpe's Color Love 101 class.  Joann Luftus is a super super talented mixed media artist who paints the most wonderful whimsical ladies and angels.  I loooove her angels!!  They are gorgeous!  I love all her work!!!  If you want to take a peek, here is the link to her blog and Etsy store:


Both of these pages were painted in my altered book journal.  This journal is fast becoming my most favorite journal to use for all mediums.   It takes alcohol markers extremely well on un-gessoed pages, watercolor on gessoed pages, acrylic on both gessoed and un-gessoed pages and it is great to use for collage, Prismacolor pencils and Pan Pastels.  I really haven't found a medium that I don't like to use in this journal......and it cost me all of 50 cents at a Library sale!

To begin with, I only used four colors on these pages, plus white and grey (mixed white gesso with black acrylic paint).  It looks like I used more but that is because two of the colors are translucent and when they're painted over another color, they mix and create a third and different color.  I used Liquitex Soft Body acrylic artist colors.  OK!  OK!  They're not Golden but they fit my budget!  Besides, Liquitex are great paints and have been around forever!  Anyway, these are the scrumptious colors that I used:

Bright Aqua green, Light Blue Violet, 
Deep Magenta (translucent), and Indian Yellow (translucent)

I used two stencils for the background and made the one from a girl that I found in a fashion magazine.  I used card stock and a craft knife to make the stencil.  For the quote, I used a black Pitt pen which writes beautifully over acrylic paint.  And...did you notice how the translucent Magenta paint created the purple color when it mixed with the Bright Aqua Green?   And... the translucent Indian Yellow...well, I misted it with water and let it run all over the place and turn any color it wanted to be.

I added a few pieces of my homemade Washi tape and a piece of text from an old book and wal-la!  Done!

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