Friday, September 21, 2012


There comes a time when you have to say "goodbye."  
It's time. 
I will be sorry to see her go...she has been with me for a long time. 
It's kind of sad really because she still has a lot of life in her 
and I could keep her and try to make her useful but what's the point?  
She's not as fast as the newer models!
She never had a voice like Siri.
Her lens are not as sharp as they used to be but a good cleaning may remedy that.
Through no fault of her own, 
she can't communicate with her cousin, the new kid on the block.
But it's time to say goodbye.


Say Hello!

TO A NEW I-PHONE 5!!!!!!

I will be sorry to see her go but I am sooooooo excited about getting a new phone!!!!  YAY!!!! One that will be lighting fast and one that can communicate with my desk-top computer.  I have always had problems with the syncing of the phone and computer due to the error of two different Apple store geniuses.  I won't go into it here but the store manager was able fixed it as best he could.  Now it's up to me to reset my desk-top, download all the pics and apps on my phone, update the software on my phone and sync the two!  Why not just buy a new phone???   It will already be synced and the Apple store can transfer my apps.  Besides, my phone really is ancient.

After much debate as to whether I should buy the new phone or last years model, I decided to order the new phone on-line.  Hey!!!  Who wants to stand in line with all those crazies?  NOT ME!!  Anyway, I am told that they may not even have them available because they already ran out due to the pre-orders.  But that's OK....I am a verrrrry patient lady and can wait the two to four weeks for delivery.

Well...enough gibber jabber about the I-phone....did you notice the picture of the I-Phone case? That is the real reason that I will be sad to see her go!  When I first bought my phone, I bought one of those hard plastic, rubbery, hot pink cases (they didn't have a lot to choose from) to protect it from damage in case it got dropped. After a while, it began to look soiled and there was nothing that I could do to get the oily looking stains off of it.  Sooo....I PAINTED IT!!!  That has been about 2 1/2 years now and there is no sign of wear.

This is how I painted it:

  • I was concerned that the type of plastic, with the rubbery feel would not accept the paint well so I decided that I needed to use a primer of some sort.  What better primer than Mod-Podge?  Mod-Podge, I have heard (can't confirm this) is really watered down white glue.  A GLUE!!!!  That should make the paint stick!  So first, I washed the case thoroughly, let it dry and primed it with Mod-Podge.  This probably will not work if you have one of the phone cases that stretches into place.  My case is very hard plastic that snaps into place.  It needs to be a hard case.
  • Next, I painted two coats of a craft acrylic paint for the base.  Nothing fancy here, I didn't use my expensive paints.  Also, use a pretty pastel color because you are going to doodle on it with markers.
  • Now comes the doodling.  I doodled the entire design first with a black Micron Pen and then colored it with Martha Stewart permanent markers.  I am sure that other brands of markers will work just as well but make sure that they are permanent and not water soluble.
  • Time to add DOTS!  For this I used the handle of a paint brush and white acrylic paint. I dipped the brush handle into the paint and then stamped on the design.  If you stamp several times before reloading the paint, the dots will get smaller and smaller. I used this to my advantage and stamped in rows to make graduated sized dots. 
  • Seal your masterpiece with two - three coats of Mod-Podge.  YOU'RE DONE!!!! 
What better way to say that you are an Artist than to have a Phone Case painted by YOU with your very own design!!!  ENJOY!


  1. Ginny I love your phone case! It's a good thing you can't see me drooling over how cute it is.
    Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful art and techniques here, love your blog!
    Enjoy your new phone...looking forward to seeing what you create for it too!

  2. Thanks Linda! I definitely will paint a new case.