Thursday, November 15, 2012


I signed up for another on-line class, "Painterly In Pink" by the very talented artist, Jodi Ohl.  I really wasn't prepared to take another class since I haven't finished all of Joanne Sharpe's classes but this one offered $30 worth of Luminarte paints and I also needed the paints for Joanne's "Bling It On."  So....I couldn't pass up a bargain like could I?  Plus, I have one year in which to complete the course.  This seemed doable!

"Painterly In Pink" is about drawing and painting faces using Luminarte Silk glazes.  Jodi taught us how to draw the faces first in pencil and then glaze them with color.  We could be as realistic as we wanted or make them whimsical.  This is a class for all artistic levels and is a great one if you wish to learn how to draw faces.  To see Jodi's beautiful art or to learn more about her classes, visit her blog, Sweet Repeats.

Anyway, I was off to a great start....I drew my girl in pencil, painted the background of my canvas, glued the pencil drawing to the canvas and then it happened....the painting looked finished without the face glazed.  To add color by glazing the face would only fade it into the background where it would be lost.  At first I thought that I would go ahead and add the glaze and see what happens and maybe make adjustments as I go along but the very first brush stoke of paint on her face told me that I was making a BIG MISTAKE!  What to do???  I posted my canvas on the class Facebook site to get feedback from my classmates where my suspicions were confirmed....DON'T PAINT THE FACE!  Jodi was very kind and said "that sometimes happens" and that I may have found my style.  I definitely will explore this further as I love to draw faces in pencil and I also love to do collage.  It just may become my style.

Made some of my own collage papers

Finished canvas

I guess that part of being an artist is knowing when to stop.  At least I feel pretty good about that but now I still need to paint a face with glazes.  Back to square one!!!

I'll keep you all posted on where this takes me!


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