Thursday, July 18, 2013


I think that I mentioned before that I am taking yet another class 
given by Joanne Sharpe called "Doodle Art and Lettering."  
This makes nine classes that I have taken from Joanne
 and... I have to say that I am finally beginning to accomplish 
what I set out to loosen up!

Being a former graphic artist, I have a tendency to draw what I 
would term...straight and neat.  Even when I draw without instruments, 
the lines are straight and neat!!!  I have been trying for the past 
year and a half to abandon this trait and can gladly say that with 
much practice, I am finally loosening up!!!  
I still have a ways to go before I am comfortable with the process times my perfectionist self will sneak back in 
but for the most part...I am satisfied with my progress.  
Practice!  Practice!  Practice! 

This is my interpretation of an assignment from the "Doodle Art and 
Lettering" class.  The assignment was to draw a tree in the shape of an "X" 
and use doodle patterns that we either created or collected.  

Have you counted the number of critters in the picture?

Thanks for stopping by and until next time,