Saturday, January 25, 2014


I spent the evening prepping all the remaining pages for my "Teesha Journal."  I first separated the pages from the spiral binder and then painted both sides with acrylic paint.  I'm using a Strathmore 9" X 12" spiral bound, mixed medial journal.  The pages are painted by dropping globs of two or three different colors of paints, spreading them around the page with a little water and a paint brush and then rubbing and blending the paints with a paper towel to ensure a smooth finish.  Once both sides of the pages are complete with a finished collage, I will put them back into the spiral binder.

The bonus of painting the pages and rubbing with a paper towel is that you end up with colorful  tie-dyed looking paper that can be used in other mixed media projects.  I plan to use the pink and red papers to make Valentine cards that will be stitched on my sewing machine.

Until next time….



  1. Look at that texture! Wow! (

    1. Thank you. Look for a post on how I use these gems.