Wednesday, February 11, 2015


It's been a while since I last collaged in my "Teesha Journal."  
It feels really good to be back and doing what calms the stress of everyday life. 
 I don't get this feeling from other art forms and it is a puzzle to me why that is.  
Could it be because my other art work requires more planning and skill
whereby, collaging in my journal is more intuitive and there are "NO Rules?" 
With collage I can cut out different elements from magazines, books or 
collage sheets (my go to for collage fodder) and try them out in various locations 
on the page before I commit to gluing them down permanently. 
Then the magic happens…the pen work.  
This is where the "intuitiveness" come in….this is where I put pen to paper and 
color, doodle and draw until I like what I see.  
Until I feel that the page is finished.  
Sigh…..pure bliss!

Here is the finished page with before and after photos.

Finished Collage

Collage Before Pen Work

That's all for now.  I am working on several more pages in my "Teesha Journal"…so stay tuned!

Until next time……


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